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Wait for the call, the manager will call you by phone and tell you the time of delivery and answer all your questions and help with the order, he will answer all your questions about money. Shipping is done by email, you can collect the goods at your local branch, pay by courier or by email by sending it to 'just the box. Due to trade, the price of the product in India is 2690₹.

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The new super gel for penis enlargement will help you quickly succeed as a woman. Enter your name and phone number with the order to send drugs to increase penis size and increase libido, leave your phone number and wait for the call from the operator who calls you as soon as possiblewhich is possible. He will arrange the shipment to Goa in India. Payment only after receiving the package at your Goa address. You do not have to pay in advance, you can receive the goods and pay after inspecting the parcel.

Place an application on the official website via the official website, and the person in charge will be responsible for arranging the submission and inquiring about the Big Boy product and order inquiries. Pay by ticket at the post office or post office staff in Goa, the cost of shipping the package is different from the city, the cost is $ 4500. Now there is a 50% discount, with time to hide at a discounted price.

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