How to increase male penis at home?

The size of the penis worries a teenager, but even after 20 years, when the body stops growing, men worry about whether the penis is big enough to satisfy their beloved.

enlargement of male organs

Surgical intervention is allowed only when indicated. Therefore, those who are dissatisfied with themselves begin to look for other ways. How to enlarge the penis at home and that this requires many methods and technologies for self-elongation, it is important to choose the most suitable one for yourself.

Hanging loads, hangers

hanging loads

It is necessary to buy penis hangers, created according to the Hanger prototype, from proven manufacturers. Before using the hanger, empty the bladder. It is not recommended to drink liquid 1 hour before use. The device is not suspended if there is an erection. Before the procedure, the penis is scalded with warm water. The hanger should not be worn on bare skin. Before use, the penis is wrapped in a bandage or cotton cloth. The usage algorithm is as follows:

  1. The hanger is attached 3 cm above the head of the organ.
  2. After fixing, gently squeeze the blood from the head.
  3. One access lasts 20-40 minutes.
  4. The minimum weight for a beginner is selected.
  5. 2 or 3 accesses are performed per day.
  6. Rest between sets lasts at least 20 minutes.

It is recommended to train with load for 3 days with one day of rest or 5 days with two days of rest. Disadvantages of the system include the traumatic nature of the technique. The advantage of the program is an increase in the size of the penis by several centimeters in just a few months.

What is a normal penis size?

size matters

If the statistics are to be believed, the world's average erect penis size ranges from 10 cm to 18 cm. Of course, there are deviations up and down, but this is often due to geography (or race), heredity, or various pathologies (in the case of incredibly small or large sizes).

Questioning middle-aged girls and women about what penis size they consider optimal for successful sexual relations, the respondents focused on the thickness of the male genital organ, not its length. According to the girls, thickness is important, and the bigger it is, the more they enjoyed and experienced vaginal orgasm more often.

Folk remedies

Traditional medicine has a large list of drugs and recipes that are suitable to use in combination with other methods for penis enlargement. Various medicinal plants have proven themselves well, as well as soda and beekeeping products. A person should choose the optimal recipe for himself and practice it strictly according to the instructions.


Paying attention to the composition of nutritional supplements and drugs for penis enlargement means finding herbs that can give such a result. Experts identify the following herbs to increase the length and thickness of the phallus:

  1. EpimediumA Korean mountain weed, which can cure erectile dysfunction and affect the size of the male reproductive organ. The main substance in the plant is icariin, which dilates the blood vessels and cavernous bodies of the penis, improving erection.
  2. GinsengA proven drug that increases blood flow to the penis after the first use. The penis becomes more and more filled with blood, which means that it becomes thicker and longer.
  3. Eurycoma longifoliaMalaysian ginseng, which also expands the corpora cavernosa of the penis and accelerates local blood flow. In addition, the plant increases the volume of sperm in men and the level of libido.

You can collect herbs yourself, dry them and prepare tinctures, decoctions and infusions on their basis. You can also find herbal preparations in the form of tablets and capsules that initially contain these herbs.

Recipe with honey

Another popular method of penis enlargement is the use of honey, and this method has been approved by most urologists and andrologists. It should be used as follows:

  • take the solution and honey, mix the components into a homogeneous mass and regularly apply internally;
  • add walnuts to honey, taking one tablespoon on an empty stomach every morning;
  • add hazelnuts, walnuts and pomegranate to the honey, chop and beat the mass, with 1-2 tablespoons per day.
traditional methods of penis enlargement

Honey is a natural aphrodisiac, which has the most favorable effect on the male sexual sphere. Therefore, such recipes should be used in combination with other methods and for the prevention of sexual disorders.

Enlarge your penis at home

There are several popular methods of penis enlargement at home that are circulating on the Internet and in rumors. Let's take a look at the most popular of them and understand what works and what is just a marketing ploy for the desperate.

Increase penis size with baking soda

Yes, yes, you heard right and you didn't think so. Penis size can be increased by using regular baking soda.

Some representatives of alternative medicine recommend taking 150 ml of water a day with a diluted teaspoon of soda.

This solution has a beneficial effect on the body, eliminates toxins and thus improves the quality and duration of sexual intercourse. However, there is no reliable data that confirms penis enlargement as a result of taking baking soda.

Another way to increase penis size with soda is a warm bath. We take the same solution we talked about a moment ago and put the male genital organ in it for 2-5 minutes. It is recommended to perform this procedure one hour to 40 minutes before sexual intercourse.

The effect of this method is due to improved blood circulation and expansion of blood vessels in the penis. That is, during an erection, you can expect an increase in your normal size by one to two centimeters in length and by the same amount in width. It is worth considering that the regularity of taking warm baths with soda is important, because the effect is temporary and nothing will happen just once.

Penis enlargement pump

penis enlargement pump

Cunning scientists have invented an amazing device - a special pump for penis enlargement at home. The pump works with a vacuum and is used not only to increase the size of the male penis, but also for various diseases, for example, erectile dysfunction, after prostate surgery or rehabilitation after radiation therapy. Overall, it's a total benefit, and that's about it.

Principle of pump operation

You put your penis in the pump and create a vacuum effect inside it using a special hand pump (or by pressing a button if the pump is electric). A uniform increase in pressure activates blood circulation in the penis and it increases in size, much more than during a natural erection.

Advantages and disadvantages of using a penis enlargement pump

This method is the most harmless and if the pump is used correctly, it is impossible to injure yourself. However, with frequent use, minor bruising and bruising may occur due to injury to blood vessels located close to the skin.

How many centimeters can you increase your penis with a pump? If you believe the reviews of real people, then surely 10 percent. However, keep in mind that the effect of penis enlargement does not last forever, it usually lasts for a few hours and after some time the penis returns to its normal size.

If you use the pump regularly, you can achieve a lasting effect, but in this case you will have to use it several times a day for years. And such frequency threatens you with lymphatic edema and darkening of the skin.

Exercises to increase the size of your manhood

decent sized penis

There are several exercises to increase the size of the penis. They are aimed at stretching the cavernous bodies of the penis and can remind you of erotic massage or masturbation with a certain set of rules. The main method of penis enlargement at home with the help of exercises is called jelqing.

Jelqing technique

Before performing the exercises, it is necessary to properly warm up the penis. This will protect you from injury and reduce the pain that can occur when you exercise too vigorously. Prepare an improvised heating pad. Heat some table salt in a dry pan and put it in the sock. Place a warm sock on the penis one at a time to warm it from all sides. If you don't want to bother with a heater, use a warm, damp cloth or take a bath, but don't sit for too long.

After warming up the penis, start jelking.

  • Apply lubricant along the entire length of the penis.
  • Connect your thumb and index finger to form a round letter.
  • Begin to move the penis up and down, causing a slight stimulation, but not leading to a full erection.
  • Now, when you move, apply a little force, as if you are squeezing the penis. Very slowly (30 seconds) slide the ring through your fingers and avoid the head of the penis. 50 repetitions will be enough.
  • Then you can start squeezing with your palms. Place the penis between your open palms and, applying some force, squeeze it for 10 seconds, then pull it to the side and forward. Repeat 50 times.

By doing these simple exercises twice a day, you will achieve good results in penis enlargement. Keep in mind that the most important thing about jelqing is the regularity of the exercise. A week after starting jelqing, you can increase the number of repetitions to 100 or 200, according to your own discretion and well-being. If you believe the reviews of men who regularly practice jelqing, on average they managed to increase their size by 2 cm.

exercises that help male strength

Penis enlargement with the help of hormones

Penis enlargement with the help of hormones is possible, but only if you are not more than 15 years old. This is such a disappointment. Otherwise, you will get a lot of negative effects from taking hormones.

Among bodybuilders there is an opinion that taking the hormone gonadotropin has a beneficial effect on the penis and causes it to grow. In fact, there will be more side effects from such therapy. Yes, gonadotropin improves erection and the quality of sexual intercourse, but that's where all the benefits end and the problems begin, more specifically, hormonal disorders in the body.

There is also an opinion that testosterone is able to restore the growth of the penis, and what did not grow during adolescence during the rush of this hormone will grow during hormone therapy. But in practice, it turns out that taking testosterone has an effect in only 5% of those who want to enlarge their penis, which is comparable to zero effectiveness.

Special exercises to increase the male organ

The most important way to increase the length and diameter of the penis is through exercises that will make the cells and tissues of the organ more elastic and stretchable. Also, exercises help to improve local blood circulation, and, as is known, its size during an erection directly depends on the blood flow to the phallus.

Jelqing technique

In order to properly enlarge the male penis with results that will last for a long time, it is worth considering some exercise techniques. The most popular and approved by doctors is the ancient Jelqing technique, which was used by both Africans and Indians. The principle of performing exercises is reminiscent of milking with massage movements.

Jelqing rules

Exercises should be performed in a semi-erect state no more than 60-75% of full strength. There are two exercises:

  1. First, the cavernous bodies of the organs need to be warmed up a bit to make them elastic and flexible. You can take heated salt, wrap it in a cloth bag and apply it on the genitals. Then the organ is lubricated with lubricant, slightly stimulated, and a ring is made around the base, which is tightened with the fingers. This ring is moved to the bottom of the head, after which the exercise is repeated 40 times.
  2. The organ is prepared according to the same principle, now it is held with the whole palm at the bottom. First, you need to hold the penis at the root for 10 seconds, but so that its entire length is covered by the palm of your hand. Then, squeezing tightly, but without pain and discomfort, the penis should be pulled to the right, left, up and down.

To begin with, 30-40 repetitions of both exercises will be enough, but over time their number can increase to 200. It is important that the technique is regularly practiced for a long time, at least a month or longer.


To increase the length of the penis, you need to regularly perform a simple exercise that involves stretching it. To do this, the organ also needs to be warmed up a bit so as not to injure the cells and tissues. It is very important that the organ is in a relaxed state, otherwise the erection will prevent the corpora cavernosa from stretching.

the result of penis enlargement

First, the organ is taken by the head, and then pulled forward in front of you. It is held in a stretched state for about 15 seconds, after which it is weakened by exposure and the organ is left to rest a little. By the same principle, the phallus is stretched to the right and left side, repeating the exercise in a circle. The exercise will be correct if there is no pain.

Hanging loads

You can increase the size of the phallus at home without drugs or doctors using another technique - hanging weights. But you must understand that this is a rather traumatic method that requires attention and moderation. Its essence is the stretching of the cavernous bodies and ligaments of the penis with the help of weight.

You can perform the exercise as follows:

  • the genital organ should be warmed with a light massage;
  • near the head itself, you must attach an adhesive patch, with the help of which the string is attached to the penis;
  • small weights are suspended from the cable;
  • To begin with, you must stay in this position for 25 minutes.
penis stretching with weights

During the exercise, it is important that the head of the penis does not feel numbness or pain, because otherwise the organ may be injured. To begin with, choose a minimal load, gradually increasing both the weight and the duration of the exercise.

Penis enlargement surgery: fast and effective

penis enlargement surgery

In the modern world of plastic surgery, operations to increase the length and width of the penis have become very popular. Let's understand how it is done and, in general, why.

Increasing the width of the penis with implants

A penile prosthesis is indicated for men with erectile dysfunction and all diseases (congenital or acquired) that can affect the ability to have sex.

All prostheses are selected individually and, depending on the type and price, have their own characteristics. Therefore, the last generation of prostheses are special inflatable and hydraulic prostheses, which are introduced into the cavernous bodies and perform the lost functions.

Increasing the volume of the penis with injections

Two types of injections are used to increase the width and volume of the penis. The first involves injecting your own fat tissue into the penis and is called lipolifting. Incredibly safe and fast method, rehabilitation does not last more than a few days.

Another type of injection is filling with hyaluronic acid. Using a syringe with a microneedle, a special gel is injected into the penis, which fills the space under the skin and increases the volume of the penis along its entire length by 1-2 cm.

Penis enlargement through surgery

Ligamentotomy is the name of an operation that increases the length of the male penis by cutting the suspensory ligament of the penis. Modern medicine uses a laser that cuts a special ligament that holds the penis in the perineum. In this way, you can increase the length of the penis by 3-5 cm, and the operation itself will not last more than 15 minutes.

normal penis size

Breed and size

But there is a relationship between race and average performance. Asians can boast of the most modest calibers. For them, 10 cm is the norm. But with Africans it is the other way around, where 16-17 cm is considered the average size. Here and in other Slavic countries, as well as in Europe, this figure occupies the golden mean of 13-14 cm. A phallometry field recorder is an organ with a diameter of 15 cm or more and a length of 33 cm. And there is nothing to envy; it is unlikely that the person described in the twentieth century could perform full sexual intercourse.

How to quickly enlarge the penis at home

There are many ways to enlarge the penis at home, depending on the time of the result:

  • jelking in the complex can add a centimeter in a month;
  • Kegel complex;
  • massage;
  • burden;
  • medical growth;
  • effect of extensions in two days;
  • vacuum pump;
  • cream;
  • nozzles

The result of which method is more reliable?

Using gels, creams, special foods, dietary supplements and pills, you can achieve blood flow stimulation, erection improvement, prolonging intimate relations and generally better self-control during sex. Such methods of penis enlargement at home create conditions for growth, and do not stimulate it.

By performing special exercises, complex types of massage, regular jelking and hanging, you can count on an increase in the length and girth of the penis, but quite slowly.

But how to enlarge the penis at home and achieve permanent results without negative consequences? Experts and andrologists strongly recommend the use of high-quality extenders in combination with stretchers, and to supplement and ensure results by using pumps and hydropumps as auxiliary devices. And only as a last resort should resort to surgical intervention.

How to enlarge the penis in a week

Hanging loads

Hanging weights on the penis is a quick way, but quite dangerous. The weight affects the ligaments with the corpora cavernosa, which helps to lengthen and enlarge the penis. A slight increase in the penis is possible in a week, and in 2 weeks a result of 1. 5-2 cm is visible. What is needed to increase the male organ in 7 days:

  • Preheat the penis.
  • Secure the patch with cable.
  • Hang the minimum load.
  • Stay in this state for up to half an hour. If numbness is felt, the weight is removed.

The load increases depending on the man's feelings. But sudden actions can cause damage and injury.

Or you can use vacuum systems. Video overview:


The extender is another tool that helps you to enlarge your penis in a week. You can choose vacuum, loop or strap. Looped is more economical in price, but does not provide such convenience as other types. The essence of the extender is to stretch the phallus, so that the tissues grow to relieve the discomfort. The result is not short-lived, but if abused, it can affect potency. Recommended use up to two hours a day.

Is it possible to make your penis thicker?

You can increase the diameter of your penis. If it is not very thin, then it is possible to increase the volume with the help of home exercises - manual techniques and pumping. This is possible because the tissues tend to stretch, resulting in an increase in the capacity of the corpora cavernosa and the tunica area.

If the diameter of the penis is critically small, then it makes sense to resort to minimally invasive techniques (hyaluronic acid injection, lipofilling) or surgical plastic surgery. The simplest and most painless option for thickening are special extensions.

Food for a big penis

Proper nutrition is another guarantee of good health and normal functioning of the male reproductive system. To increase the size of your penis naturally, you need to consume as much of the following foods as possible:

  • Watermelonberry components accelerate blood flow, including local blood circulation in penile tissues.
  • Protein productsthis substance is responsible for the level of testosterone and the growth of muscle tissue, which means that a man should regularly consume eggs, meat and milk.
  • Nutssource of all male vitamins and substances that increase testosterone synthesis.
  • Sea foodnatural aphrodisiacs, as well as sources of zinc, which increases testosterone levels and male sexual performance.
  • Greeneryespecially spinach, celery, parsley, which also increase testosterone and improve general health.

Vegetable oils, herbal teas, as well as dark chocolate, berries, fresh vegetables and fruits are considered good stimulants of sexual function.

How to enlarge the penis in one day

Within a day, you can achieve both a short-term and a permanent effect with a rapid increase. One of the safest methods of penis growth is a special supplement. Can be used open or closed. Such a device is suitable for long-term increase of dignity and strengthening of erection. To extend it, it is recommended to choose a closed nozzle type.

It is recommended to choose a softer material to maintain sensitivity. Nozzles made of silicone and latex are practically invisible. A similar device is used for several hours. Many note that the results will be visible in a few days. And in three days a man already feels better in bed.

Special attention is paid to creams and gels. The manufacturer guarantees results within 1 day, but it depends on the direct functions of the product. There are several types of drugs:

  • short-term (acting out before sex);
  • long-lasting (the effect is achieved in about 2 days);
  • as an auxiliary means: if other methods of penis enlargement are used in parallel.

The most radical method that not every man decides on is surgery. In fact, the increase occurs in 3 days, and the effect lasts a lifetime. Surgical intervention is more suitable for men with obvious deviations in the development of the penis.


Special exercises are useful for penis enlargement. This option is ideal for allergy sufferers who avoid applying various compounds to the penis. 3 exercises are considered the most effective, each of which will be discussed in detail below.

exercises for penis enlargement


The easiest way to enlarge the penis at home is stretching. The penis must be grasped by the head and pulled out. It is recommended to perform the procedure from different angles. It is important to gradually increase the impact force to avoid tissue damage. You should set aside 10-15 minutes for a stretching session, only under this condition it is possible to achieve results.

Seated stretch

For this exercise, it is necessary to bring the penis to a semi-erect state. The essence of the method is to pull the penis down and back, after which the man sits on it. Such gymnastics allows you to increase the base of the genital organ, lengthen it and increase its size in diameter. The mechanism of action is an increase in pressure on the cavernous bodies.


This gymnastic method also requires an incomplete erection. It is necessary to bend the penis in different directions, listening to your own sensations, it is important that there is no strong discomfort. If the manipulation causes pain, then such an exercise should be stopped immediately. Next time you need to be more careful to avoid tissue damage.

Simulators to the rescue

Regular use increases the size of the penis by several centimeters. Physiotherapy methods even correct the shape of the penis. The most common props for exercise: extender, weights, vacuum pump, jelq machine. Their regular use helps to stretch the cavernous bodies, filling them with blood. But the main characteristic of the classes is that they should be regular and not exceed 15 minutes.